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atlanta erosion control

Proper drainage and erosion control is a large part of any landscape and is essential to your home and the space around it. Without erosion control you are putting your home and your landscape at risk.

Uncontrolled water can undermine your foundation causing leaks or cracks that are expensive to repair. During heavy storms rain water can wipe out your flower beds and even uproot the largest trees. Xteriors landscapes can create the right drainage solution for your property.

The main reason we have drainage problems in Metro Atlanta is the clay soil. Clay soils are made up of particles that are much smaller than those of top soil. These smaller particles expand with moisture creating an impermeable surface that keeps water from draining into the ground.

erosion control and drainage in atlanta Our professionals will design an appropriate drainage system to handle your storm water, directing it away from your foundation and landscaping. It will be designed to be effective yet unobtrusive, blending with the existing landscape. We can create an attractive dry creek bed to enhance your landscape or an underground system that is virtually invisible. Xteriors can build a drainage system that solves the problems and suits your landscape.

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